Could a New Report Save Millions of Lives Over the Next Decade?

Could a New Report Save Millions of Lives Over the Next Decade?

While the debate regarding vaping’s safety and effectiveness within the smoking cessation market continues, yet another report has come out to demonstrate the enormous ways in which this habit is a far better alternative to smoking as well as a truly effective way to get people off cigarettes for good.  This time, it’s been stated that vaping can save a whopping seven million lives in just over a decade.  The report comes at a time when more and more medical researchers are providing studies regarding the many ways in which vaping is a lower-risk alternative to tobacco use.

This report aims to change social attitudes regarding vaping while subtly calling out the FDA for refusing to acknowledge the ways in which vaping is a better alternative to smoking.  As additional reports like this reach the mainstream, authoritative forces are going to have to acknowledge the fact that vaping has been successfully transitioning large numbers of people from smoking to using electronic cigarettes.

How Can Vaping Save Lives_

How Can Vaping Save Lives?

We all know that a good part of the population still doesn’t trust the vaping industry, believing that it preys on teenagers with no prior cigarette experience.  However, recent reports are showing that vaping is in fact primarily used as a smoking cessation tool, and that it puts users at fewer risks than tobacco use.

Dr. David B. Abrams of New York University publish a report claiming that millions of lives can be saved if the general public, the government and the FDA are willing to shake the stigma surrounding this fairly new technology.  The conclusion is based on a plethora of clinical studies and statistics regarding both e-cigs and harmful tobacco cigarettes.

Smoking, as we know, remains the leading preventable cause of death in the country, claiming nearly 500,000 lives annually.  Abrams thoroughly searched through data regarding the number of cigarette-related deaths, the number of vapers and the number of people who have quit cigarettes since vaping became part of the mainstream.  Using this data, he came up with the number of lives that can be saved thanks to the vaping industry.


The Truth About Vaping

The Truth About Vaping, According to Studies

Abrams took into account recent studies that support the notion that vaping is a better alternative to smoking when it comes to health.  One study released within the last few months demonstrated that vaping is 98 percent less toxic than smoking thanks to the way in which it exposes the user to far fewer toxins.  The study was performed using biomarkers that measured toxicity in the urine and saliva of participants.

Another study determined that vaping doesn’t appear to cause changes to lung tissue over a period of several years.  It was conducted by examining the lung tissue of heavy vapers who did not smoke cigarettes.

In England, those in charge have been ahead of the curve.  UK legislators actually encourage citizens to switch to vaping by urging doctors to discuss this technology with patients who smoke.  Just a couple of years ago, the government funded a study that determined that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking.

Despite all of these promising studies, the FDA and the American Lung Association still aren’t convinced.  Some believe that this is the case because these organizations have financial investments in more traditional smoking cessation tools like nicotine gums and patches.  In the United States, the FDA is incredibly hard on our industry, consistently searching for ways to interfere with its success by developing new restrictions.

Meanwhile, vapers around the country are finding that it’s relatively easy to kick their cigarette habit once they invest in some e-liquid and a vaporizer device.  About eighteen percent of vapers have been able to stay off of cigarettes for over a year, meaning that the success rate of vaping is higher than those of nicotine patches and nicotine gum products.


Why Vaping is Such a Successful Way to Quit Cigarettes

Why Vaping is Such a Successful Way to Quit Cigarettes

It’s believed that vaping has helped so many former smokers kick their habits because of the unique way in which it mimics the act of vaping.  While nicotine is the driving force behind cigarette addiction, one can’t deny that the physical act of smoking becomes addictive as well.  Vaping allows the user to feel as though they’re inhaling and exhaling smoke without actually consuming any tobacco.  It also allows users to choose between a wide range of nicotine strengths in order to suit their needs.

Additionally, vapers can enjoy a wide range of flavors and choose from an enormous array of technological devices, ranging from simple to advanced.  This has turned vaping into a massive alternative and even a hobby, such a cloud chasing competitions, throughout the United States.


This Report Has Instantly Made a Positive Impact

This Report Has Instantly Made a Positive Impact

Thanks to this new report, our industry can continue to help people around the globe try to quit smoking cigarettes and make the switch to vaping once and for all.

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