New Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study Released

Anyone who vapes in America knows that the industry remains controversial, despite the fact that scores of people have managed to quit smoking due to the technology behind vaping. As e-cigarettes become increasingly popular, a growing number of smokers are finally feeling ready to trade in their packs of smokes for vaping devices and e-liquids. Surely, after all these years, there must be something to this technology, right?

Despite the fact that our industry has become such a popular and successful one here in the United States, plus the rest of the world, not everyone is sold. As you probably know, major authoritative organizations like the FDA and the American Lung Association (ALA) are keeping a close eye on vaping’s ever-growing popularity. Currently, neither of these organizations consider vaping to be a viable option for those who are trying to quit smoking, instead referring people to nicotine patches and nicotine gum.

However, now that vaping has been around for several years, researchers are able to analyze this technology more than ever before. Finally, scientists have been able to collect data on vaping over the course of several years and use this data to spread important messages about the industry.  

Finally, an academic study has come up with solid data to address a question that has been on a lot of people’s minds. The Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) study has shown a strong correlation between smoking cessation and vaping.

Vaping Linked to Likelihood of Total Smoking Cessation

The PATH study opens up by stating that vaping can be highly beneficial to the public because of the fact that it can be used as a smoking cessation tool. Smoking, as we know, has been a public health crisis for decades, and even in the age of information, about twelve percent of American adults use cigarettes daily despite access to literature regarding the many ways in which it negatively impacts one’s overall health.

The study specifically set out to find a link between vaping and smoking cessation. For two years, it observed participants who had just switched from smoking cigarette tobacco to using e-cigarettes. During this time, the researchers checked for whether or not participants went back to cigarette use after switching to vaping.

It’s worth noting that the group of participants varied in terms of previous e-cigarette use. 78 percent of the prior smokers had no past use of e-cigarettes, while the remaining amount either used the technology occasionally or daily while also maintaining a smoking habit.

To put it simply, the results were amazing. After observing the data, the researchers concluded that switching to vaping after ceasing smoking made it 77 percent more likely that former tobacco users would be able to abstain from cigarettes for good. The study pointed out that it’s far more likely someone can abstain from cigarette use if e-cigarettes are used daily rather than non-daily. In other words, if a person wants to quit cigarettes using vaping as a smoking cessation method, vaping should be a daily replacement for the previous habit.

This is unsurprising considering the fact that vaping supplies users with a steady amount of nicotine throughout the day. Also, vaping is unique among other smoking cessation methods in that it best replicates the experience of smoking. Unlike gum and patches, e-cigarettes feel and look like cigarettes, and the users get to maintain the physical habit of smoking… except what they’re inhaling is not actually tobacco.

Similar Studies Performed in Recent Years

It’s worth pointing out that this is not the first study conducted that had these findings. A French study observed 5000 participants who had switched from smoking to vaping, and concluded that switching to this technology upon smoking cessation greatly increases the chances of staying off of tobacco for good. It’s worth pointing out that France has taken a very pro-vaping stance due to the high volume of smokers in the country.

Another country that’s very friendly toward the vaping industry is England, where several pro-vaping studies have been conducted over the years. Just this year, Public Health England released a study that also found a link between an increase in vaping and a decrease in smoking. Based on data gathered during this study, the organization concluded that vaping is the most effective smoking cessation tool in the country. This particular study also found that teenagers who take up vaping are not at a high risk of developing a smoking habit later on, which challenges the notion that vaping is a gateway to cigarette use.

What This Study Means for the Vaping Industry

Vaping is a relatively new technology, having only been around for just above ten years. Over the decade and with certain changes, the industry has evolved dramatically. Nowadays, the technology behind electronic cigarettes allows users to enjoy more satisfaction thanks to advancements in nicotine delivery and the actual devices themselves.

Because the industry is so new, however, there’s a lot of disinformation out there, and a lot of people who are reluctant to see it as a viable method for quitting smoking. Also, the FDA has not embraced vaping in the way that many smokers have. Because of this, the industry is in a constant state of flux here in America, as regulations are constantly changing and companies are being threatened.

This is why we need more studies like these. Clinical research provides data-driven findings rather than opinions or mere marketing materials, and these studies can help educate the public and put them at ease about this new technology. This creates a more vape-friendly society, and the FDA and other organizations will have even more evidence concerning the results. These studies also directly influence the way in which these organizations view vaping. After all, we all know that cigarettes are extremely dangerous. Many vapers feel that it’s time that these major health organizations promote vaping as a way to get citizens off of tobacco for good.

More Positive Studies to Come

This new PATH study is just one of a handful of studies demonstrating the powerful way in which e-cigarette use can help people ditch smoking once and for all. As more and more studies like these are conducted and released to the general public, it will be harder for the United States to deny the mounting evidence that this industry can really help people quit. And with countries like England and France advocating for e-cigarette use in an effort to lower statistics of smokers, the pressure is really on.

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