Technology, the Key Component In the Vaping Industry

Technology – The Key Component in The Vaping Industry

If you’ve been a member of the vaping community for a while, you know that modern technology has allowed this hobby to become more and more satisfying to former smokers with every passing year.  As technology continues to evolve, hardware and e-liquid manufacturers are more and more able to finetune their products to satisfy the needs of those who are done with their cigarette habits.  If it weren’t for the advanced technology of today’s world, millions of people would likely still be hooked on cigarette tobacco.

So, how has technology worked in the vaping industry’s favor?  We’re going to walk you through the fascinating evolution of the electronic cigarette in terms of its technological capabilities.  As you’ll see, the industry has advanced at an incredibly fast pace in just under a decade.

A Brief History of Vaping

It’s safe to say that the vaping industry would not be nearly as capable of satisfying smokers’ cravings if it weren’t for the amazing technology of our time.  As it turns out, electronic cigarettes have been around, in theory at least, for about 90 years.  The first e-cigarette patent was developed in 1927, although the product was never commercialized.  Then, in the 1960s, another man set out to create a “smokeless cigarette” that utilized a battery-operated vaporizer.  However, this product was never successful because the technology of the time was lacking, meaning that these e-cigarettes were not nearly as reliable or satisfying as the ones that we use today.

Technology, the Key Component In the Vaping Industry

However, in 2007, modern e-cigarettes hit the stores.  The original modern e-cigarette prototype was developed by a Chinese doctor who had watched his father die of lung cancer.  Therefore, his invention revolved around the intention to offer the world a less harmful way to satisfy their nicotine-related needs.

Needless to say, the original e-cig blew up on the market, inspiring loads of copycat products.  If you remember, e-cigs became virtually an overnight success, especially once celebrities started using them.  

Advanced Devices for Tech Heads and Smokers Alike

While e-cigarettes were incredibly popular, they were lacking in many ways.  For one thing, these small, handheld devices were not very powerful, meaning that users couldn’t really enjoy the big, full puffs that they were used to as former smokers.  Additionally, the technology just wasn’t as reliable as it is today, meaning that the vaping experience was generally inconsistent.

So, hardware brands started popping up, developing more advanced vaporizer devices that could provide users with much more power as well as the ability to customize their experience like never before.  If you were a vaper around that time, you know how exciting it was to suddenly have access to hundreds of different e-liquid flavors and mods.  The box mod system quickly took over the vaping community thanks to its incredible power capabilities, its many exciting features and its ability to allow users to finetune everything from their flavor to their amount of vapor intake.

For years, box mods dominated the industry.  These robust devices utilize large lithium-ion batteries that allow the mods to reach extremely high wattage levels.  As they evolved, companies began implementing additional features such as temperature control, voice control and memory mode.  Modern box mod systems utilize chipset technology, and many come with upgradeable firmware.  In just ten or so years, box mods have gone from clunky, intimidating-looking devices to relatively user-friendly, stylish and ergonomic pieces of vaping equipment.

Box mods were incredibly appealing to tech junkies right off the bat because of their customization possibilities.  But, regular smokers quickly became attracted to these systems as well, simply because of the fact that they allow users to enjoy more satisfaction than e-cigarettes thanks to their amazing power.

Nicotine Salts Changing the Game

The industry changed dramatically when nicotine salts were first discovered and manufactured.  Up until then, users could only vape e-liquids containing freebase nicotine, a form of nicotine that was chemically modified in the 1960s to be more potent.  Freebase nicotine was barely capable of satisfying the needs of heavy nicotine addicts because it didn’t provide that “punch” that cigarette smokers were used to.

Once salt-based nicotine came around, users were able to satisfy their cravings like never before.  This type of nicotine comes straight from the tobacco plant and is combined with benzoic acid.  This allows it to be vaped without any throat irritation.  And, it provides that robust throat hit and mild buzz that cigarette smokers adore.  

Nowadays, e-liquids containing salt-based nicotine are astoundingly popular.  Thanks to this technological innovation, more and more people are switching from smoking to vaping than ever before.  Currently, the large majority of popular e-liquid manufacturers, such as us, have rereleased their flavors in the form of salt nic e-juices.

Pod Systems for a Convenient yet Satisfying Vape

Nic salt e-liquids changed the vaping industry as we know it, but before it could be enjoyed by the community, a special type of device had to be developed.  That’s because this type of nicotine is molecularly different from freebase nicotine, and so the high-wattage devices that dominated the industry could not accommodate it.

So, that’s when pod mods exploded on the vaping market.  Many credit JUUL as the developer of the pod system; however, many other hardware manufacturers were developing these devices before the brand first hit stores.  Pod mods are a far cry from the heavy, large box mods that vapers were used to.  For one thing, they’re extremely small, making them pocket friendly.  They’re also extremely user-friendly because they don’t require that the user adjust lots of settings and maintain a bunch of different device components.  For those reasons, they’re extremely appealing to people who want an easy way to satisfy their nicotine cravings without having to turn to cigarettes.  

Now, pod devices reign supreme on the vaping market.  More companies are developing their own versions of this type of vaping setup.  The earliest pod units were extremely simple, featuring zero buttons and pre-filled, disposable juice pods that simply snapped into the battery.  Now, however, the pod mod market is just as technologically advanced as the box mod market.

While first-time vapers can still enjoy the very simple pod systems that are available, more advanced vapers can choose from a wide range of fascinating pod devices.  Now, we have pod systems that boast temperature control functions, adjustable wattage levels and the amazing ability to switch seamlessly between salt nic e-liquid and freebase nic e-liquid.  And, since the pod mod market is so new, it’s safe to say that they will only get more advanced and diverse from here.

Research that Can Benefit the Future of the Industry

Another important part of the growing vaping market is research.  Because of research, manufacturers can have a better idea of what vapers need. Research also allows the general public to learn more about how this activity affects their bodies, especially when compared with smoking.  

Technology, the Key Component In the Vaping Industry

Thanks to today’s amazing technology, researchers have been able to conduct fascinating studies regarding the effects of vaping.  This research is crucial as the FDA and other powerful health organizations are still unsure of how they feel about vaping as an alternative to smoking.  And, these studies would not be possible if it weren’t for the technological achievements that have allowed researchers to better examine how vaping works and what it does to us.

Technology Continues to Grow and Triumph in Our Industry

The history of the vaping industry is a demonstration of technological triumphs that have allowed smokers to switch to an easy and reliable alternative.  As the industry continues to become more and more successful, more research will be conducted in order to make vapers feel more confident about their hobby.  In the meantime, however, those who are looking to quit smoking have a wide variety of exceptional products from which to choose.

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