What Are Nic Salt E-Liquids?

By now, every vaper on the planet for the most part knows what nicotine salt is. This revolutionary discovery has been a serious game-changer for the vaping industry. However, despite its enormous popularity, few vapers actually understand the science behind this type of nicotine.

For those wanting experience the most potent hit of nicotine possible, salt nic e-liquids are the way to go. You’ll enjoy a powerful punch to the throat as well as a pleasurable buzz that entices you to keep coming back.

How is Nic Salt Created?How is Nic Salt Created?

Invented about 50 years ago by the tobacco industry, freebase nicotine is a fairly unstable form of nicotine that has been chemically modified to deliver more potent effects to the user. Basically, the tobacco industry created freebase nicotine in order to make the substance even more addictive to its customers.

Nicotine salt, on the other hand, is naturally extracted from the tobacco leaf. It’s not chemically modified after the extraction process. It’s simply added to an e-liquid product in its pure form.

Vape juices that contain nicotine salt aren’t that different from the juices that we’re used to. Like e-liquids that are made with freebase nicotine, nic salt juices contain propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavoring extracts.


How does Nic Salt affect E-Liquid?How does Nic Salt affect E-Liquid?

One of the most common complaints that vapers had before the discovery of nicotine salt was that it was difficult to enjoy a high amount of nicotine without experiencing throat irritation. Those who switched to vaping from smoking found that the high concentrations which they were used to were not pleasant to vape.

Typically speaking, 18 milligrams of freebase nicotine is equivalent to the level of nicotine found in a tobacco cigarette. However, due to the unstable nature of this form of nicotine, it becomes harsh when heated to the high temperature necessary for it to become vapor.

Then, the vaping industry found nic salt. This form of nicotine can be enjoyed in extremely high concentrations. E-liquids that contain nicotine salt have concentrations of about 30 to 50 milligrams.

We can vape such high concentrations of nicotine salt because of the fact that this form of nicotine naturally contains benzoic acid. This substance brings down the pH level of the nicotine, allowing it to feel much smoother as it goes down the throat. Benzoic acid also helps activate the nic salt at a lower temperature.


The Usual VG/PG Ratio Associated with Nic SaltsThe Usual VG/PG Ratio Associated With Nic Salts:

While e-liquids contain a very small number of ingredients, the way in which they’re mixed is incredibly important. With freebase nicotine, juices can have varying levels of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

However, salt nic e-jucies require a stricter approach. Because this type of nicotine has a unique density and specific heat requirements, there isn’t much variety when it comes to the VG/PG ratio.

Most salt juices that you’ll find have a base of 50% VG and 50% PG. This ratio seems to provide vapers with the perfect vapor density and throat hit. Too much VG would cause the e-liquid to gunk up the atomizer. Meanwhile, overdoing on the PG side would cause the liquid to become too thin while intensifying the throat hit in a way that’s not pleasurable.

Balance is key, my friends.


How and Why do Pod Systems work well with Nic Salt E-liquids?How and Why Do Pod Systems Work Well With Nic Salt E-Liquids?

Because of the way in which salt-based e-juices are formulated, they can only be used with pod mod systems. These days, it’s very easy to find an enormous variety of these kinds of devices for your nic salt vaping needs. Many of the top vape hardware manufactures have released several styles of pod mods that each come with unique features and brilliant visual designs. From draw-activated and simplicity systems, to temperature and low resistance types, there a pod unit for every vape level out there.

Now, vape juices containing salt-based nicotine are only compatible with pod mods because this type of juice must be used with a device that has a low output level. Otherwise, the liquid can burn and irritate the user’s throat.

However, few vapers mind this restriction, as weird as that might be. Pod mods are extremely beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Renowned for their portability. Typically, pod mods are pocket-friendly, meaning that the vape enthusiast no longer has to walk around with a large box mod during the day.
  • Very user-friendly. Before the discovery of salt-based nicotine, vapers who wanted to enjoy a satisfying dose of vapor had to use large box mods that came with lots of settings and components that required regular maintenance. Now, vapers can use these small devices that typically require little maintenance and virtually no understanding of vaping technology.
  • More affordable than other types of mods. This is due to their small size and simplified technology.

Because of the popularity of this style of vaping, many reputable brands such as Mad Hatter Juice have released lines of salt nic e-juices. Several pod mods come with refillable cartridges that allow the user to explore a wide array of flavors that meet their needs.


Can Nic Salt E-Liquid be Steeped?Can Nic Salt E-Liquid be Steeped?

There’s been some buzz regarding this, so let’s dive right in.

Those who have been vaping for some time are familiar with the concept of steeping their e-liquids. This process involves allowing bottle of juice to sit in the dark for several days in order to promote oxidization.

Oxidization is a process in which certain molecules evaporate in order to enhance the concentration of the flavor while making the nicotine more potent. As the juice steeps, it becomes darker in color and slightly thicker.

It’s widely believed among vaping experts that steeping a salt nic e-liquid will have virtually no effect on the potency of the nicotine. However, many vapers still steep their salt nic e-liquids in order to make the flavor more potent and richer.


What Salt-Based Ejuice offers The Vaper?What Salt-Based E-Juices Offer the Vaper

There are several main reasons why vapers prefer salt nic e-liquids.

Nicotine Salt e-juices are known for that very strong throat hit which occurs with each inhale. This is very satisfying to those who need something a little stronger. Additionally, due to the nature of this form of nicotine, the user will experience a gentle buzz of stimulation while they vape as the nicotine enters the bloodstream.

Many find that vaping salt nic e-liquids saves them money as well. Due to the powerful punch of nicotine that each hit provides, the vape enthusiast will likely find that they go through vape juice less frequently. Essentially, they feel satisfied after just a couple of puffs.


The Nicotine Salt E-juices from Mat Hatter JuiceThe Nicotine Salt E-juices from Mat Hatter Juice

Mad Hatter Juice has been producing premium e-liquids for years. Because of the popularity of nicotine salts, we’ve released a line of salt nicotine e-liquids that vapers can enjoy using with their pod mod systems.

Those who have been vaping our products know that we’re obsessed with using the best ingredients that we can find. Our salt-based nicotine is carefully sourced and renowned for its potency that leaves vapers feeling completely satisfied.

We’ve turned our most beloved vape juice flavors into salt nic juices. Our collection is as diverse as it is enormous. We’re certain that we have a flavor for your unique craving.

If your palate yearns for fresh, juicy fruit, we’ve got some flavors that will satisfy you beyond belief. Here are just some of the awesome nic salt e-juices we suggest you grab today:

  • Island Squeeze: Combines tropical kiwis with exotic guavas and plump strawberries.
  • Tropical Mango: We also have a mango flavor that is guaranteed to quench your thirst as much as the real thing.
  • Juicy Apples: Apple fanatics can indulge in that crisp, sweet, clean and pure orchard taste.
  • Sweet Tobacco: Former cigarette smokers will appreciate this one. The flavor profile is bold, smoky, sweet and slightly spicy.
  • Spearmint Gum: For vapers who crave that icy kiss of intense mint.
  • Fruit Cereal: If you’ve got a serious sweet tooth, you’ll appreciate our take on the fruity, sugary cereal of your childhood. It combines crunchy loops with creamy, cold milk.
  • Strawberry Candy: The perfect red fruity hard candy that will make the mouth simply water.


The Salt Nic Popularity is Still Growing!The Salt Nic Popularity is Still Growing!

By now, clear as crystal and ice, nicotine salts aren’t going anywhere. This brilliant discovery has given countless vapers the satisfaction that they deserve. If you’re on the hunt for the most flavorful, potent nic salt e-liquids, Mad Hatter Juice has what you’re looking for to keep those cravings in check.

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