A Message From Mad Hatter Juice

A Message From Mad Hatter Juice

Dear Mad Hatter Juice Customers,


Recently, you may have become aware of certain stories in the news media highlighting certain “vaping” concerns and a string of recent health incidents. Mad Hatter Juice wants to set the record straight in order to set the minds of our customers at ease, while also helping to spread information about the facts surrounding these stories.

Initial information from both the State of New York and the FDA, as well as other independent public health researchers, points to black market, “bootleg” THC vape cartridges as the cause of recent reported injuries or deaths. Officials are still waiting to give the final confirmation, but it appears that a substance called Vitamin E acetate is the likely culprit for the sudden reports of health events. Mad Hatter Juice does not, will not, and has never used this ingredient in any of our products.

Vitamin E Acetate is a cheap emulsifier (liquid texturing agent) that occurs chemically as the ester of tocopherol and acetic acid in a formula with a pH value less than 4.8. Although this oily chemical is found in many skincare products, it is not safe to vaporize — and is not present in any legitimate vaping product.

Unfortunately, initial reports are that some black market, modified THC cartridges do contain this dangerous ingredient, and is most probably the cause of the reported injuries/illnesses.

It’s very important that you do not ever purchase a vaping device, cartridge, or juice from an unauthorized dealer, black market source, or from unverified origins. Please stay educated about what to look for when shopping for a vape product. Mad Hatter Juice has made it a cornerstone of our operations to use the highest quality and most effective ingredients possible, even at our own expense — and we are committed to educating the public and highlighting the many companies including ourselves who produce reliably pure and consistent vaping products.

You should never purchase a “bootleg” vape device or cartridge, on the black market or from a friend. Never modify an existing vape cartridge with your own ingredients. And you should only purchase nicotine vape products from established, trustworthy companies such as Mad Hatter Juice who follow responsible standards of manufacture.



Mad Hatter Juice Team

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