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Heat and Nic Salts: Not Always a Good Match

Now that we’ve entered the heart of the summertime season, many aspects of our vaping lives have changed in order to suit the warmer weather. During the summer, many of us vapers change the e-liquids that we vape; switching from richer flavors to refreshing juices that soothe us when the sun is beating down.   Another […]

3 Signs Its Time to Replace That Mouthpiece

If you’re the type of vaper who cares about maintaining every part of their setup, you probably know that taking care of that mouthpiece is extremely important. After all, mouthpieces get dirty quickly, which can interfere with your device and your sessions while being, well, gross. After a while, a mouthpiece needs to be replaced.  That’s […]

No More Leaky Pos Issues!

No More Leaky Pod Issues!

Pod systems are extremely convenient, portable and easy to use. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re immune to some of the issues that are common with all systems. One of the biggest complaints when it comes to pod-based vaping is a leaking cartridge that spills e-juice everywhere. A cartridge that’s leaking is a serious annoyance, […]

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