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Could a New Report Save Millions of Lives Over the Next Decade?

Could a New Report Save Millions of Lives Over the Next Decade?

While the debate regarding vaping’s safety and effectiveness within the smoking cessation market continues, yet another report has come out to demonstrate the enormous ways in which this habit is a far better alternative to smoking as well as a truly effective way to get people off cigarettes for good.  This time, it’s been stated […]

Key Factors for Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength

Key Factors for Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength

Those who are ready to transition from smoking to vaping have a lot to consider when selecting their e-liquids and hardware.  From choosing the most satisfying flavor to picking out the perfect electronic cigarette, mod or pod system that meet our vaping needs, there are numerous things to consider. One of the most important decisions […]

Atten Hut! New Survey Shows Vaping Overtaking Smoking in the Military

Amazingly, recent numbers show that members of the military are vaping more than they are smoking cigarettes.  Additionally, the rate of smokers among troops is lower than the rate of adult smokers in the United States. With vaping continuing to trend upward in popularity and awareness, it’s not necessarily surprising that our industry has slowly […]

Top 5 Most Vape-Friendly States to Visit

mad hatter juice - Top 5 most friendly states to visit

While vaping is, obviously, allowed in any state in America, not all states have a completely vape-friendly attitude.  Throughout the country, laws regarding vaping differ, mainly pertaining to the locations in which it’s legal for vapers to enjoy their hobby.  In several states, vaping in public spaces is downright illegal, putting the person at risk […]

Recent Studies Show Smoking Rates are Falling Globally

mad hatter juice - smoking-rates-are-falling-globally

With smoking rates falling around the world, those who support the vaping industry are wondering how much of an effect, e-cigarettes have had on the tobacco industry’s gradual decline over the last ten or so years.  Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to find a clear correlation on a global scale due to the lack of statistical […]

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