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6 Things to Look for in a Vape Coil

6 Things to Look for in a Vape Coil

As vapers begin to become more acquainted with the basics of their setup, they realize that it’s the vape coils which are far more important than they first considered. Vape coils make or break a session, and with so many to choose from on the market today, it’s understandable that the mere thought of selecting the […]

A Message From Mad Hatter Juice

A Message From Mad Hatter Juice

Dear Mad Hatter Juice Customers,   Recently, you may have become aware of certain stories in the news media highlighting certain “vaping” concerns and a string of recent health incidents. Mad Hatter Juice wants to set the record straight in order to set the minds of our customers at ease, while also helping to spread […]

Achieve That Ideal Throat Hit When Vaping Either Freebase or Salt-Based E-Liquids

Achieve That Ideal Throat Hit When Vaping Either Freebase or Salt-Based E-Liquids

Ah, that beautiful throat hit.  So many vapers chase this sensation more than anything else.  It’s true that a lot of vape enthusiasts adore those big puffy clouds or that robust, full flavor, but a large majority are more concerned with that punch to the back of the throat than anything else. So, why is […]

your guide to creating the perfect starter kit

Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Starter Kit

If you’re here, it is because you either want to start vaping for the first time, or because you’re ready to graduate from an all-in-one closed vaping setup to something that’s a little more advanced and customizable.  Choosing the right starter kit is key if you want to satisfy your needs on your terms. In […]

Key Differences Between Pod Mod, Box Mod and Portable Vaporizer Batteries

Vaping has become so popular, we sometimes tend to forget that the technology behind it is nothing short of remarkable. In just ten years, we’ve watched vape hardware evolve from small, relatively weak e-cigarettes to massively powerful box mod devices and portable pod mods that allow us to enjoy a seriously potent amount of nicotine. […]

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