What Type of Pod Mod System is Right for You?

What Type of Pod Mod System is Right for You?

As you’re probably already aware, pod mod systems are becoming more and more popular by the week thanks to their many unique advantages over other types of vaping setups.  Pod mod systems allow users to get their nicotine serving like never before thanks to e-juices that contain nicotine salts.  Additionally, these systems are extremely easy to use compared to the more complicated box mod devices, not to mention the fact that they’re amazingly slim and lightweight, making them small enough to fit in the pocket of the user’s jeans.

So, if you’re considering investing in a pod mod system, you’re far from alone.  However, before you just pick up the first one that you see, it’s crucial that you take several things into consideration.  Pod systems are so popular right now that there are literally hundreds on the market from which you can choose.  And, as you’d expect, each pod kit out there has its own unique features, design and output capability.

The good news is that choosing the right pod device for your vaping needs doesn’t have to be difficult.  Mad Hatter Juice has created a simple guide that will help you figure out what to look for when you’re shopping for a new pod mod kit.  As you’ll see, there are some very basic things that you have to take into consideration so that you can make the best purchase for your individual preferences.  

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Open vs. Closed Pod Systems – Where to Begin?

One of the very first things to take into consideration is whether you want an open or closed pod system and what you’re really looking to get out of your vape session.

Open Pod Systems

Open pod systems utilize pod cartridges that are refillable.  They contain a plug that covers a fill port.  The user must regularly fill the pod cartridge with salt nic e-liquid, and they must replace their pod cartridge every few weeks as the coil eventually wears out.

Closed Pod Systems

Meanwhile, closed pod systems are much simpler.  Essentially, the manufacturer of the pod mod produces packs of pod cartridges that are pre-filled with nic salt e-liquid.  The user simply snaps a pod cartridge into the battery, vapes it until the liquid has run out, throws it out and puts in a new one.

Some Similar Traits but Still Different

It’s safe to say that these two types of pod mods create totally different user experiences.  Typically, those who are completely new to vaping prefer closed pod systems.  That’s because they’re just more user-friendly.  They don’t require that the user purchase e-liquid separately or that they fill their pod cartridge each day.  Beginners enjoy the disposable nature of this method of vaping.

However, open pod systems boast some serious advantages.  Most importantly, they allow you to enjoy any e-liquid containing nicotine salts.  With closed pod systems, the user is at the mercy of the company’s line of nic salt e-juice flavors.  With open pod systems, on the other hand, they can enjoy the wide variety, especially from MHJ.

Open pod systems are more popular among experienced vapers who are used to having to pour e-juice into their tanks regularly.  That’s because they’re accustomed to being able to choose from a huge range of vape flavors.  

Type of Nicotine

Pod mod systems were originally created as low-wattage devices that could carry nicotine salts in a way that’s most satisfying to the user.  Nicotine salts are taken from the tobacco plant and blended with benzoic acid in order to provide the user with a subtle buzz and a solid hit to the back of the throat.  Pod mods are ideal for this type of nicotine because they keep it from getting too harsh or burning.  

Now, as these devices have risen in popularity, more manufactures have developed ways to build pod systems that can accommodate both salt nic and freebase e-liquids.  This means that vapers can enjoy using a highly portable, technologically simple device while still getting that freebase nicotine that they’re used to from the days of using sub-ohm mods.

If you like the idea of being able to choose between both types of nicotine while using the same device, you’ll want to look for a pod kit that states that it’s compatible with both types of e-liquids.  These devices tend to come with two different types of cartridges that can be switched out quickly and easily.  One cartridge utilizes a high-resistance coil that’s ideal for salt-based nicotine.  The other utilizes a sub-ohm coil, compatible with freebase nicotine, allowing for larger fog production.

Temperature Control

Another feature that we’re starting to see is temperature control.  This method of vaping is extremely popular with sub-ohm setups, so it was only natural that hardware manufacturers would find a way to integrate it into pod mod systems.  Temperature control allows you to, well, control the output level by capping the temp that the coil can reach.  Unlike wattage-based vaping, TC vaping ensures that each draw is exactly the same as the last and that you minimize the chance of getting those dreaded dry hits.

If you’re interested in temperature control, look for a pod mod that has this feature.  Just keep in mind that if you’re going to go that route, it’s best to have some experience with this style of vaping as it’s not really for beginners.  

Adjustable Wattage

The earliest pod systems that hit the market had fixed wattage levels.  The wattage level, for those who are new to vaping, controls the output of your device, affecting everything from the amount of vapor you take in to how long your battery lasts.  Box mods allow the user to explore a wide range of wattage levels until they find their sweet spot.

Now, many pod mod manufacturers have found ways to allow the user to adjust their wattage level in order to customize their vaping experience.  While the wattage ranges aren’t nearly as impressive as the ones that you’ll find with most mods out there, they still allow you to explore a nice variety of outputs.  So, if customization is an important part of your vaping experience, you may wanna consider finding a pod system that allows you to adjust your wattage level.

Draw-Activated vs. Push Button-Activated

Another thing that’s worth keeping in mind is the difference between a draw-activated pod mod and a button-activated pod mod.  Draw-activated pod mods allow the user to simply pull on their mouthpiece in order for the vapor to enter their mouth.  This style of vaping is more like smoking a cigarette, making it more appealing to former smokers.

Button-activated pod systems require that the user push a button in order to fire the hit.  This button informs the battery that it’s time to heat up the coil so that the e-liquid can be turned into vapor.  Many vapers prefer button-activated vaping because they don’t have to pull as hard on their device in order to get a satisfying amount of vapor when they take a hit.  However, if you’re brand new to vaping, draw-activated might be the way to go.

The World of Pod Mods is Constantly Growing and Evolving

No two pod systems are identical, and each one comes with its own unique variety of specs and features. The choice is yours for which device will meet your vaping needs.

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