Heat and Nic Salts: Not Always a Good Match

Now that we’ve entered the heart of the summertime season, many aspects of our vaping lives have changed in order to suit the warmer weather. During the summer, many of us vapers change the e-liquids that we vape; switching from richer flavors to refreshing juices that soothe us when the sun is beating down.  

Another thing that we should take into consideration is the temperatures that we expose our e-juices to. E-liquids contain certain compounds that shouldn’t be overheated, and this is especially the case when it comes to those made with salt-based nicotine.

So, what happens when nicotine salts get too hot? And, how can we prevent them from overheating in the first place?   

What Makes Nicotine Salts Unique?

If you’ve been vaping for more than a couple of years, you’re very familiar with freebase nicotine, the only type of nicotine that was available before “nic salts” came about. This type of nicotine was used in e-liquids that were compatible with high-wattage devices, and it was added to e-liquid formulas in small concentrations in order to avoid the user experiencing a harsh sensation when they inhaled their clouds.  

Freebase nicotine is notoriously unstable; and when vaped in high concentrations, it can feel quite irritating along the throat. Luckily, we now have salt-based nicotine which can be enjoyed in high concentrations without causing any discomfort.

Salt-based nicotine is blended with benzoic acid, which allows it to be vaped at low wattages. Because e-liquids made with salt-based nicotine are only compatible with low-wattage devices, you can understand why it’s important that it never overheats.

What Happens When Nicotine Salts Get Too Hot?

As we said, nicotine salts are only compatible with low-wattage devices. That’s because if they get too hot, they can break down on the molecular level, rendering them useless.  This is why salt nic e-liquids are incompatible with the “box mod” devices that once dominated the market.

Additionally, vaping a salt-based nicotine e-juice that’s been heated to a temperature that’s too high can result in a burning sensation along the throat as well as a burnt flavor, simply because of the fact that this type of nicotine can’t handle a high amount of heat.

What Can Cause Nicotine Salts to Overheat?

There are a couple of different ways in which your nicotine salts can overheat. Let’s explore them so that you can know what to avoid the next time you vape a salt nic e-liquid.

Your Device’s Settings

E-liquids that contain nicotine salts are compatible with pod mod systems, which operate at very low wattages in order to preserve the chemical integrity of salt-based nicotine. These devices maintain a low temperature so that the nicotine never overheats. Now, if you were to pour your salt nic vape juice into a sub-ohm tank and use it with a box mod device, you’d likely ruin the juice due to the high output levels at which these devices operate.

Similarly, if you were to use a salt nicotine e-liquid with a temperature control pod mod, you’d have to take extra care to make sure that you never make the temperature too high. Otherwise, you’d essentially burn the nicotine salts.

The Environment

Now that we’re in the middle of summer, we have to be careful about how we store our e-liquids so that they don’t get too hot.  For example, leaving your nic salt bottles on a patio in the middle of the afternoon, or in a hot car, could cause those salts to break down very quickly. As you probably know, there are two environmental factors that can dramatically change the molecular composition of e-liquid, and they are light and heat.

How to Tell if Your Nicotine Salts Have Overheated

One way to tell if your nicotine salt e-juice has been overheated is by simply looking at it. If the liquid looks way more concentrated than it should, for instance, appearing darker in color and thicker in consistency, you know that it’s been exposed to too much heat and that the integrity of the nicotine salts has been compromised. Additionally, you’ll likely notice that vaping an overheated juice doesn’t give you that same satisfying punch of nicotine.

How to Prevent Your Salt Nic E-Liquids from Overheating

Fortunately, it’s really not that hard to prevent your salt nic e-liquid from overheating.  For one thing, proper storage is crucial. Keep your e-liquids in locations that are dark and cool such as cabinets, drawers or closets. Never keep your pod mod or your e-juice bottles outdoors on a hot day.

Another thing to do is make sure that you’re always using a pod mod when vaping your salt-based e-liquids, and that you never have the temperature or wattage settings set too high.

Let Both Work Together, Not Against Each Other

Nicotine salts are capable of delivering incredible amounts of satisfaction but caring for this type of e-liquid is crucial, especially when it comes to temperature. When salt-based nicotine gets too hot, it can ruin your vaping experience.  Use this guide to protect your nicotine salts all summer long.

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