No More Leaky Pos Issues!

No More Leaky Pod Issues!

Pod systems are extremely convenient, portable and easy to use. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re immune to some of the issues that are common with all systems. One of the biggest complaints when it comes to pod-based vaping is a leaking cartridge that spills e-juice everywhere.

A cartridge that’s leaking is a serious annoyance, to say the least. For one thing, if your e-liquid isn’t staying in your pod, you’re spending more money than you need to because you’re losing a good amount of juice!  

Another issue with a leaking cartridge is that it can slowly damage your pod mod. Vape juice naturally contains a high amount of sugar, and as your device gets hot, that sugary juice that’s been leaking everywhere turns into a sticky resin-like film of gunk. This can get all over your battery connections and other connections, causing your device to malfunction after a while.

And, of course, a juice leak can potentially cost more than just lost e-liquid. As e-juice leaks from your cartridge, it can get all over your pocket or purse while turning your hands into an oily mess! Nobody wants that.

So, how do you remedy this situation?  

Well, the first thing that you have to do is figure out what’s causing your cartridge to leak.  There are actually a lot of common culprits, but, fortunately, there are also a lot of very simple solutions so that you can enjoy a leak-free vape.

Why Might My Pod System Be Leaking Juice?

These are some mistakes that newbie vapers make: 

Overfilling the Cartridge

One of the simplest reasons why your cartridge is leaking is because you’re just filling it with too much vape juice. Check the capacity of your pod and make sure that you’re not exceeding that amount each time you refill. Simple physics dictates that too much juice will have to go somewhere… and usually that ‘somewhere’ is all over your device.

Also, keep in mind that some pod cartridges feature maximum fill lines in order to help you have a clear idea of how much to fill your pod.  

Haven’t Changed Your Cartridge in a While

If you’re not changing your cartridge as frequently as you should, it might start leaking e-liquid. That’s because the fibers of your coil’s wick eventually lose their ability to absorb your liquid. Therefore, the excess amount of juice has nowhere to go but directly out of your tank.

Using a Closed Pod System That Isn’t Made Well

Some closed pod systems that utilize pre-filled pod cartridges aren’t made all that well, and they just leak because of poor manufacturing choices.  

Your Battery is Too Low

Believe it or not, a low battery can cause your e-liquid to leak out of your pod cartridge. That’s because if your battery isn’t strong enough, it can’t properly turn that juice into vapor. Therefore, each draw pulls liquid through your mouthpiece rather than the vapor that results from a properly functioning battery.

No More Leaky Pods!

What to Do About a Leaky Pod System for a Mess-Free Vaping Experience?

Now that you’ve learned about the most common reasons for a leaky pod, it’s time to adjust your vaping habits in order to prevent this from occurring.

Carefully Blow Out Excess E-Liquid

If you have too much e-liquid in your cartridge, it’s going to leak. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to get rid of the excess juice without making a mess. Simply hold a paper towel or napkin against the bottom of the cartridge and gently blow into the mouthpiece. A little bit of extra vape juice will splatter onto the paper towel or napkin.

Don’t Pull Too Hard

Pulling on your pod mod too hard can draw way too much liquid into the mouthpiece which can create a mess. So, make a point to only pull hard enough to get the amount of vapor that you want into your mouth.

Keep Your Battery Charged at All Times

Remember that a low battery can result in a leaking pod, so never let that battery go into the yellow without charging it. And, if your battery seems to be holding a charge less and less efficiently over time, it’s definitely time to buy a new battery.

Switch to an Open Pod System with Leakproof Technology

Many of today’s pod systems utilize leakproof technology so that no matter what, no vape juice is dripping out of that cartridge. Consider investing in one of these units so that you won’t have to worry about messes ever again.

Change Your Cartridges Regularly

Pod cartridges need to be changed frequently, and the rate at which they should be changed depends on how much you vape. Stay on top of switching out those cartridges so that you won’t end up wearing out your coil, leading to a leak.

No More Leaky Pods!

Say Goodbye to Leaking Pods Once and for All

Leaking pod cartridges sure are annoying, but they’re not the end of the world. So many times, a simple fix stops that leak for good.  And then, before long, you’ll be well on your way to a mess-free vape.

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